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Spring blues

Hi, there. Miss me? 

These days, it seems like I don’t have as much time to blog. Sometimes work and life doesn’t let you keep up. I’ll figure it out and get back on track eventually. Things have a way of working out in the end. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.

For it being officially spring, it sure isn’t acting like it. When you wake up to a storm, you just want to hide under the covers all day. I just want sunshine and clear blue skies again.

In other news, Lent is going along great, except for that one dream about a brownie. Soon, I’ll be able to enjoy a chocolate bunny. I also want to get back into a regular routine in time for summer. Also, it’s the end of the month, which means a new playlist is coming for something to look forward to.

If it’s also gloomy for you, stay warm and cozy. If it’s not gloomy, tell me where you are, so I can run away.


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Hello, 2016.

I realize this is a day late, but happy new year! It’s a chance to start over and be better than we once were. Let this be the year we embrace change instead of remaining the same.

My resolution
Thursday Thoughts
Last year, I wanted to get more in the habit of blogging, and it didn’t work out so well. I’ve decided to make that resolution again and to post here once a week for the new year in a blog series called Thursday Thoughts starting next Thursay, January 7th. Keep your eyes opened.

What are your resolutions?

May 2016 be good to you and may anything you dream come true.