Happy December! Here it is, the final playlist of 2017. And get into the holiday spirit with this Christmas playlist. Xx


The grand music post

I feel like 2017 has been good for music so far. The original plan was to post the new monthly playlist and a Summer Rewind playlist that Spotify curated, but decided to put together a list of what I've been listening to these days, hence why this is the grand music post. These albums are… Continue reading The grand music post

Recipes for love

Yesterday, I thought it was Thursday, so naturally, I woke up today thinking it was Friday. It must be the weekend. Valentine's Day is a few days away and as the saying goes, the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach. I rounded up some recipe ideas that would be perfect for sweethearts,… Continue reading Recipes for love


Another year, another Thursday. ​Happy 2017! I accidentally fell asleep and barely woke up in time to kiss my dog. How was your New Year's Eve? About this time last year, I made a resolution to blog once a week for an entire year. And now we're here. I didn't make a resolution this time… Continue reading 2017

Auld lang syne (Th.Th #52)

52 Thursdays. 52 posts.  12 playlists. 1 year. I did it. I have fulfilled my 2016 resolution. This is such a happy day. It wasn't easy getting here. There were setbacks and I had no idea what I was doing for the most part, but I never gave up. I fully committed myself every Thursday… Continue reading Auld lang syne (Th.Th #52)

1-Holly jolly (Th.Th #51)

Miss me? If you're reading this, it means that this published like I hoped it would when I set it up for this day and time. It also means that I'm currently at sea or exploring some island. I hope it's not too cold for you wherever you are.  Happy holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas,… Continue reading 1-Holly jolly (Th.Th #51)

2- (Th.Th #50)

Hello, loves. Next week, I will be basking in the Caribbean sun. I've had enough of the snow and cold for the time being. Nothing cures the winter blues like the bluest waters and the whitest sands. If I could pack some of you in my suitcase, I would. Oh well. Fear not, you won't… Continue reading 2- (Th.Th #50)