Flower power 

April showers bring May flowers (and rain and gloom even though it’s almost June, apparently). I admit the green thumb gene skipped a generation, but I love seeing all the pretty blooms popping up. For today’s post, I collected planter ideas from around the web. Check these homes for your favorite houseplants.

Get the party started with this disco-inspired diy. Via a bubbly life

Don’t throw away old light bulbs just yet. These will light up your house in a new way. Please be careful if you decide to attemp this project. Via free people

Even plants like to play dress up. Via a beautiful mess

Simple, yet super adorable. Via best friends for frosting

Who doesn’t love a good faceplant? He he, get it? I’m sorry. Via kao ani

You’ll have to translate the instructions to English, but how cute are these animals made from milk cartons? Via pysselbolaget

Stay gold with this gold leaf project. So pretty. Via delia creates

It doesn’t get any easier than peeling labels off tin cans and painting them in fun colors. Via dos family

Even plants could use a little sparkling pizazz. Via the pretty bee

More face planting. Via oh happy day



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