3- Tree’s a crowd (Th.Th #49)

Good morning/afternoon/evening. Whatever it is, I hope you are keeping warm. Unless it’s not cold where you live, then please, invite me over.

Anyway, look who just became a DIY/lifestyle blog. I’m kidding. I wish I was that creative.

With Christmas quickly approaching, I thought I’d gather some ideas to up your Christmas tree game. I scoured the internet and these were some of my favorites. 

via hgtv

This designer matched the tree with the home decor, even the presents.

via lines across

This rainbow tree is so much fun. Nothing too complex about sorting ornaments by color.

via the tomkat studio

Spell out some cheer with this easy lettered garland tutorial. I love the white theme. So classy.

via kandee johnson

Green trees are boring. Go for nontraditional trees like this white one. Or whatever color you like. This candy theme is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and the colors just pop.

via sugar bee crafts

This is what Elvis meant by a blue Christmas, right? I love the burlap and metal decor for this rustic look.

via twinkle twinkle little party

Charlie Brown trees like this one are always a win. Perfect if you don’t want to take up too much space. But mostly because they’re cute.

via remodelaholic

Have some fun with ribbon. Red and white is a classic holiday theme, but I love how baby blue is incorporated here. 

via the merrythought

Another Charlie Brown tree. Simple can go a long way. I love this whole set-up. 

via craftberry bush

This tree is festive AF. The “snow” looks so pretty, even if it’s not actually the case. Perfect for those who live in non-snowy places or experiencing one of those weird, mild winters where it hardly snows because sometimes Mother Nature gets confused.

via kara’s party ideas

Now this is a tree with style. Black, white, and gold make for an amazing combination.

via inspired by charm

 This tree is super adorable and is sure to satisfy sugary cravings. But try not to actually eat it. 

via tatertots and jello

How cool is this Advent tree? Yet another red and white theme.

via love grows wild

This tree looks like a winter wonderland. Another reoccurring theme I’ve noticed is oversized ornaments. Go big or go home.

via dreamy whites lifestyle

This tree is bare, but still manages to look classy against all that white. I love the wool blanket being used as a tree skirt. Perfect for minimalists.

Side note: I want an all white room someday.

via tiffany & co.

“Come and trim my Christmas tree with some decorations bought at Tiffany’s.”

One day, I will have one.

How are you decorating your tree this year?



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