5-Turkey jive (Th.Th #47)

First rule of Thanksgiving 2016: No politics at the dinner table. That is how someone gets stabbed, so please don’t do it.

Enjoy this time to be with family and appreciate the things that make life a little more bearable. We are truly blessed to be alive. 

Today, I’m thankful for everyone who has stayed with me this far. Just know that I appreciate you whether you’ve been with me since the beginning or reading for the first time. You are all amazing.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sure, there’s delicious food for days, but I like fall and everybody coming together to show gratitude. I think it’s nice, except for the part where I turn 25 in five days.

It’s the final countdown. Only five more Thursdays to go. December’s playlist will be here next week. I’m also working on a bonus Christmas playlist to lift your holiday spirits.

From my heart to yours.



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