Distractions (Th.Th #37)

Another Thursday, another Thoughts. See what I did there? 

I didn’t forget the day. I started working on this post this morning. Okay, so it was only one line. Besides the point.

Anyway, I ended up getting distracted as other things were calling such as laundry and the dishes and working out. Also, it was a beautiful day for a walk with the fur babies. And of course, I had to work, so there’s a chance I’ll be home late. 

I’m sure a good chunk of these posts  are me ranting about how I have nothing really worth mentioning. I just want to get these out to you for your enjoyment. As we go further into the year, this will probably be a little harder. I jyst remind myself that I’m that much closer to filfilling my resolution.

So am I doing this from work? Yes. 

Should I be doing that? Probably not. But I don’t play by anyone’s rules.



Ok, bye.



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