Babble (Th.Th #36)

Oh hey, what’s up?

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and if you had to work like me, then it probably wasn’t as enjoyable.
I’m not sure why I titled this piece “Babble.” Sometimes, I don’t come up with a title until last minute. It randomly popped in my head and it sounded good, so I just went with it.

Working third shift on Wednesdays throws off my Thursdays because I kind of forget that it is Thursday. Staying up all night and waking up late in the afternoon can make you forget what day it is. 

The weekend is right around the corner. And it’s fall, so maybe walk around a pumpkin patch with a pumpkin spice latte. Or maybe you prefer apple cider. Or you’re not into any fall things. Whatever. You do you and enjoy the weekend.




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