Pods (Th.Th #29)

Thursday always manages to sneak up on me, but here it is.

Anyway, hey, how’s it going?

It was hot in Texas and now that I’m home, it’s still hot. It can stop at any time. I prefer spring and fall, anyway.

Lately, I’ve been into podcasts. Here’s what I’ve been listening to, so check them out if you’re into creepy, weird stuff. 

Welcome to Night Vale (science/horror fiction): In the format of a community radio show, it tells of the strange occurrences in a strange town.

Alice Isn’t Dead (horror fiction. From the creators of WTNV): A truck driver goes across the country in search for missing wife believed to be dead.

Within the Wires (surreal horror fiction. Also from the creators of WTNV): Told through audio programs, there appears to be more to the mysterious institute than what they’re letting on.

And today, I started The Black Tapes (horror fiction): With a focus on the paranormal, journalist Alex Reagan starts looking for the truth along with the mysterious and skeptical Dr. Richard Strand.

If you enjoy podcasts, feel free to recommend some.

Check back next week for the new August playlist.

Cyber hugs.



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