Whatever (Th.Th #15)

So this morning, it hit me that today is Thursday. My first thought was when I would have the time to post it. Also, I didn’t want to use too much data since the plan is so close to being done for the month. This resolution is beginning to be a bit difficult, but I will find a way. At the end of 2016, there will be 52 posts.

Also, I never know what to title these things. Usually, I come up with the title based on the overall subject of the post, but sometimes I have posts lie this one where I just type a bunch of words just to fill space, so I have something for Thursday Thoughts.

There’s no point to any of this except whatever is on my mind. It’s why I called it Thursday Thoughts, not just because it sounds catchy. These are my thoughts and I hope you continue to stick around, even if there won’t be a point most of the time.

Good night.



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