April awesomeness (Th.Th #13)

13. It’s a number associated with bad luck. Today, it’s a good thing. It means that we’re a quarter of a way into 2016 and Thursday Thoughts.

Sure, it’s not halfway, but I feel accomplished. Thursday Thoughts started off as a New Year’s resolution to blog more and there’s been some setbacks, but I committed. Whether you’ve read every post so far or just one, I just wanted to say thank you. Good things are coming.

Also, I think I need to start drafting a little earlier. With a second job, it hasn’t been easy to find time. I’d rather be sleeping in between than do anything semi-productive. I’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, can someone send me an IV machine with espresso? I’ll love you forever.

ICYMI, my return to social media.

And here’s your April playlist. I was actually going to post it next week but I realized it wouldn’t work out because next week is May. BECAUSE IT’S APRIL. IT IS APRIL. Please forget you read that. I should’ve thought this through.

Thursdays just got better.

Tell the world.



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