Free Friday (Th.Th #2)

I already broke my resolution twice. I forgot to post for Thursday Thoughts yesterday and mostly because I didn’t feel like it, but the week isn’t over yet. It’s the Friday evening edition of Thursday Though, but who knows. This will probably end up being posted on Saturday.

Right now, I’m watching some Hallmark movie and sipping on a glass of sparkling rosĂ© cider. Because wine not? I am not sorry about the pun.

In other news, Panic! At the Disco’s Death Of A Bachelor is my first new music purchase of the year. I give it all the stars. Speaking of, maybe I’ll come up with a new playlist soon.

This is later than it was yesterday, but I think it’s a little better. By the time 2016 is over, I will have gotten into the flow of things.

We should do this again sometime. I hope the rest of your evening and weekend goes well.



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